Near the small village of Jois, on the north-eastern end (or beginning) of the Leitha Mountains you can find, close to the lake and detached from the rest of the mountains, two hills: the Tannenberg and the Hackelsberg. The south side of the Tannenberg, which is called Jungenberg, faces Lake Neusiedl and is one of the warmest vineyards of the state of Burgenland.

The soil of the Jungenberg consists mainly of slate, which is interspersed with limestone. Unlike the Jungenberg, the north side of the Tannenberg, which is called Buschenberg, is cooler and windier. Our aim is to combine the powerful body of the southside with the finesse and the elegance of the north side. A couple of acres of the Tannenberg consist of old vines, and they are the most important factor the wine’s extraordinary character.

The Tannenberg 2007 marks the debut of this great Blaufränkisch, and was produced in the very fine year of 2007, with a hot July and a mild autumn. At this stage, resembling a 3-year-old Burgundy Grand Cru, the wine is still vibrant, closed, long and tense, with 13.0 % alcohol, 6.8g/l acidity and 1.3g/l residual sugar. It still takes 3-4 years to fully open up, but will give pleasure up to 25 years.

It was aged 18 months in 500 litre oak barrels, bottled on 10 August 2009 and bottle-aged 16 months. It shows a dark, shiny ruby red colour, a complex fruit of cherry and plum, notes of berries and herbs. On the palate, it is very mineral, extremely focused with extraordinary length. It is best drunk at 18 Celsius, preferably with beef, game or lamb. It also tastes delicious on its own.